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-====== Steppermotor controlled by Arduino ====== 
-This is a short how-to on controlling a bipolar stepper motor by an Arduino and a L298N based dual H-bridge controller board. 
-For a long time I thought about playing around with a stepper motor. The goal for this page is not to explain what a stepper motor is, but to document for myself What I did so I can reproduce the results at a later time. 
-The Wiki page on [[http://​​wiki/​Stepper_motor|stepper motors]] does an excellent job at documenting the motor. 
-====== The components ====== 
-This first test setup has three components, an Arduino (clone), A stepper driver and a stepper motor. 
-{{ :​projects:​steppermotor:​stepper-motor_overview_text.jpg?​600 |}} 
-The Arduino clone is just like a regular Arduino but this one has a serial port and the labeling of the ports is more like the real Atmega328 pin mapping. 
-{{ :​projects:​steppermotor:​arduino-clone.jpg?​200 |}}  
-The controller board was a bit of a chalange because I tried to design it myself with the two chips that were designed specifically for this: the [[http://​​internet/​com/​TECHNICAL_RESOURCES/​TECHNICAL_LITERATURE/​DATASHEET/​CD00000063.pdf|L297 STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLERS]] and the [[http://​​internet/​com/​TECHNICAL_RESOURCES/​TECHNICAL_LITERATURE/​DATASHEET/​CD00000240.pdf|L298 Dual Full Bridge Driver]]. This is no simple task if you need to do it on a single layer PCB. So in the end I just bought the simpler L298 driver board of [[http://​​itm/​L298N-Based-Stepper-DC-Motor-Driver-Controller-Board-Dual-H-Bridge-For-Arduino-/​160898410591?​pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&​hash=item25764ae85f|e-bay]] so I could get started. 
-{{ :​projects:​steppermotor:​l298n_based_dual_h-bridge_controller_board.jpg?​200 |}} 
-The steppermotor I chose also came from e-bay, it works on 12V and it is unipolar. In the end the problem with this motor is that the wire coloring is different from any data-sheet I could find. So after a lot of searching and testing I came up with the right sequence. 
-{{ :​projects:​steppermotor:​stepper-motor.jpg?​200 |}} 
-Coil A : Blue | Coil B : Yellow | Coil C : Green | Coil D : Red 
-The label on the motor reads: Huisitong MOTOR 42BYGH202AA 1.8 1A 0: 20110717000KU